Developing Altamont's Future

Developing Altamont’s Future is the new name selected by the board for the MAPPING the Future of the Altamont Community Action Plan.

Developing Altamont’s Future describes the vision statement for the organization plus the goals of the action teams. The logo is a circle with a tree showing future growth of the community and the roots of the tree signify the German heritage of the community.


The vision statement for Developing Altamont’s Future is: Altamont, rich in its German heritage, is an easily accessible, growing town in the heart of central Illinois. Altamont offers a strong city government, churches, businesses, education, and medical facilities for all age groups. Altamont boasts many beautiful parks, a nature center, and is home to the Effingham County fairgrounds. Altamont is a family-oriented, caring community that always welcomes new friends, residents, and businesses. Willkommen, welcome, enjoy. Call us Home.


The Board members elected Rick Buckels as president, Tony Elam as vice-president, Linda Schmidt as secretary, and James Lurkins as treasurer. Their next project is to write the by-laws for the organization and then to apply for not-for- profit status. Two members from each of the five action teams form the board. The board serves the link between the five teams. It is another way for the teams to work with each other as well as with the City of Altamont, the Altamont Chamber of Commerce, and other organizations to make Altamont a family-friendly community. Tony Elam and Dan Whitley represent the I-70 Development Team; Rick Buckels and James Lurkins represent the Parks and Recreation Team; Terri Beal and Tiffany Kline represent the Economic Development Team; Teana Ingram and Britt Ingram represent the Arts and Entertainment Team; and Karen Buckels and Linda Schmidt represent the Welcoming Team. All teams welcome new members. For more information phone Rick Buckels at 618-322-4042 or Linda Schmidt at 618-483-6397.